Do You Know What Dr. Rutvij Patel BJYM President Said About Hardik Patel’s Fasting Movement?

At BJP Office Kamalm In Gujarat, BJP’s Yuva Morch President Rutvij Patel Attacked The Patidar Reservation Committee Convener Hardik Patel On The Occasion Of Fasting. Dr. Rutvij Patel Told That Now All Patidar Samaj Knows That Hardik Have Taken Step Movement Andolan Is For His Own Benefit.

Dr. Rutvij Says He Is Also Patidar And He Says Patidar Samaj Knows What Is Right And What Is Wrong Now Onward No Patidar Will Be Influenced By This Kind Of Fake Stunt Of Hardik.

Dr. Rutvij Patel Told In The Press Conference. Hardik Is Taking Require Nutrients By Medical Treatment So How Can We Say Hardik Is On Fasting? Rutvij Patel Told That There Is No Terminology Of Fast But The Treatment Is Taken By Hardik So Why We Say Its Fast (Upavas).

Further Rutvij Told People Of Patidar Samaj Are With BJP And They Will Continuously Give Support To Bhartiya Janta Party. In Central And In State Place Have A BJP Government Narendra Modi As PM And Vijay Rupani Ji As CM People Of All Community Are Happy With BJP Government


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