Gujarat: Patidar body aims to bring 10,000 businessmen

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Natubhai Patel, convenor of Global Patidar Busi-ness Organisation, said the Organization will promise a platform for the growth of all segments of Patidar community.

Gujarat Chief Minister on Saturday kicked off the Global Patidar Business Organisation (GPBO), a platform that plans to bring over 10,000 Patidar businessmen from across the world. He also unveiled the online portal to bring all the Patidar businessmen on one platform.

Rupani congratulated the community leaders for laying a strong foundation for the betterment of the youth. Rupani said national leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel and Bhimrao Ambedkar never confined themselves to leaders of particular community but unfortunately they were projected as such later on for vested interests.

“The real tribute to Sardar Patel will be to integrate the society,” said Rupani. He emphasised that only the youth need opportunity. The community is synonymous with hard work, honesty and is willing to work in a selfless manner. “Till recently it was believed that Jains are leaders in charity, but now Patidars have overtaken Jains as raising huge funds is not a big deal for the community. Rupani acknowledged the contribution of Patidars in the development of Gujarat and wished that the community achieves nee heights in business in the same manner as it has demonstrated it’s acumen in the field of agriculture.

Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said the goverment has created a corpus of Rs 600 crore for the youth of non-reserved communities. The proposal to approve the corpus will soon be put in front of the state cabinet, said Patel.

The Deputy CM said the organisation should channelise strengths for the development of the community and rest of the society. He wished that GPBO will enable the community achieve new heights in education and business.

He assured the community that all the chief ministers are committed for the advancement of the state.

Patidars are never narrow-minded, but even help other communities to grow.

Gagjibhai Sutariya, president of Sardardham, said the aim of the summit to transform the unit of the community into prosperity for all. He said the organisation is committed to enable 10,000 youth of the community get government by 2026. One of the focus is also to financially empower women. GPBO has been inspired by Jain International Trade Organization (JITO), said Sutariya.

Sutariya said he envisages the Patel community on the lines of Jews. “If 84 lakh Jews can dominate business and other spheres of society, Patel’s have a population of 1.48 lakhs. They can also achieve similar heights,” he said.

He called upon the community to shun wastage of resources and utilize them for the benefit of the masses. He said that at a time when opportunities for government jobs are shrinking, entrepreneurship is the only way to employ the youth.

Natubhai Patel, of convenor of Global Patidar Business Organisation, said the organisation will promise a platform for the growth of all segments of Patidar community. “It will provide a platform for established businesses to grow further and to the youth to convert their ideas into concrete businesses. Businessmen have equity stakes or even joint ventures with the youth with promising ideas,” said Patel.

We want to increase the stature of the community, not diminish the stature of others, said Govind Dholakiya, chairman of Surat-based Shriramakrishna Exports. He said the organisation plans to enrol one lakh. Patidar youth and advised them to channelize their energy for constructive purpose.

Community leader and pioneer of Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust called upon the community leaders to eliminate divisions between Kadva Patidar and Leuva Patidar to unite the community. “Both the groups have initiated joint projects. Still, there are differences between us. It is high time that the community leaders remove the divisions within the community,” said Savani.


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