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शिवंश खेती यह खाद बंजर मिटटी में जान दाल देती हे

बदलाव के बिज यह खाद बंजर मिटटी में पहले इस्तमाल सेही वापस जान दाल देती हे, जिससे किसानोका खर्चा घटता है, उनकी पैदावार बेहतर होती हे, ओर आमदनी बढाती है यह क्यों महत्वपूर्ण है दुनिया भर के 2 अरब किसान यूरिया नाम की नाइट्रोजन खाद अपनी फसलों में डालते...

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Anandiben Patel 15th Chief Minister of Gujarat

Anandiben is 15th Chief Minister of Gujarat

Anandiben Patel is Governor of Madhya Pradesh she is Incumbent: Assumed office 23 January 2018 Proceeded by Om Prakash Kohli. She is also Governor of Chhattisgarh (additional charge) and Incumbent: Assumed office 15 August 2018 Proceeded by Balram Das Tandon. Anandiben is 15th Chief Minister of Gujarat she comes...

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Miss New York, Nia Franklin, Wins Miss America 2019 is conformed

At the conclusion of tonight’s 2019 Miss America pageant, Miss New York, Nia Franklin received the much-coveted jewelled headdress. This is often the fourth win for a Miss NY state titleholder within the past decade at Miss America. “I’m feeling very blessed immediately,” Franklin aforesaid shortly once her win....

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